Who are you?

That’s a hard question. LOL. I’m Karyn. I’m a wife of 5 years. A mother of 8 years. I’m a writer, a singer, an artist. Mostly I’m a level 37 badass.  (Keep reading you’ll understand.) Last year I was finally diagnosed with ADHD and getting on medications was life changing. Finding the correct medication to keep the other mental health issues in check was also life changing. I’m a daughter. I grew up in a very small town in NEPA. I’m a walking contradiction. A redneck that idenitfy’s as Pro Life, Bisexual, Chaos Witch, anti-racism, equal rights for all but please for the love of all that is holy can we have some gun laws that are based on common sense coupled with better access to mental health care.

How long have you been blogging?

Before it was called blogging. I think my first website was on Angelfire then Geocities. I am a survivor of crapping blinkies and iframes. I am a child of the 90’s born in the 80’s. I was 12 when we got internet and having a half brother that I do not claim that was 11 years older than me I had a head start on a lot.


Didn’t you used to be fat?

Why yes, yes I did. To some I still am. In May of 2012 I made a choice that would change my life forever. I underwent RNY gastric bypass surgery. For the first 18 months I lost at a steady rate. I was feeling the best I ever had. Then on July 13 2015 hours after giving birth I found out that I would have to go into surgery exploring my abdominal cavity to figure out what the hell was trying to kill me. I had the blind loop of bowel that my intestines got stuck in and they died (went necrotic) and made my pouch perforate. (As in explode. Yes, it hurt like a bitch.) I had 8 back to back surgeries over the span of 7 weeks. I died three times on the OR table and was brought back the first time after three minutes, the second time after four and the final time after SEVEN minutes. At this point I was ventilated and eventually life flighted to a larger hospital that specializes in cases like mine and they saved my life.

You’re a covering addict?

Yep! Sure am. I am 5 years clean from my drug of choice and 3 years clean from my relapse drug. I wasn’t so much using to get high. I was actively suicidal and wanted to die. I was dancing with the devil and lost. After going into full blown psychosis and ending up in the psych ward I got clean and have stayed clean. Life is so much more beautiful than I realized. I am here watching my children grow up and accomplish so many things.