Life, update I suppose?

It’s been weeks since the loss of my cousin, and for awhile it was almost like I was on auto drive. I got up, went to work and did the very best that I could. Life continued on despite my pain, despite the agony that my family is in. A lot of people didn’t understand why I couldn’t just ‘get over it already’ or ‘snap out of it.’

My oldest boy’s behavior has been really up and down. He’s displaying an increase of impulsivity and other not so great behaviors. We have talked it over with the counselors and they are working with him. But its still very frustrating because he knows better, and he will tell you that he does.

My KIA was replaced thank god. I opted to get a Chevy Eqinox this time around because the more I read about the KIA brand the less impressed I was with the over all results of their safety ratings and how easy it was for a KIA to be broken into. I thought the SUV I was getting was a silver color and it ended up being a metallic robin’s egg blue. It’s a beautiful color.

I’m finally in a place where I can concentrate and not let my mind spiral or wander into dark waters so to speak, so I will be back to editing photos  and of course writing. I thought about re-opening my YouTube channel but I’m unsure if I want to go to that extent because I can write while my sister naps. I can’t exactly have a full set up down here while I’m working and I could do it after the kids go to bed but usually I’m not to far behind them.

Thursday I got a call from the school nurse Buddha, my youngest was complaining of a headache and when she went to take his temp it came back at 102* so he got picked up before 9:30 AM. He said nothing to us before school started he was so excited and just wanted to go and see his friends and his teacher.

I will give that to my boys, they love school and they are so good in school. Every IEP meeting, every conference they sing their praises. But at home is when they are acting out the most which is good I suppose.

Over this past weekend I had a flare up that almost made me want to go to the ER. It was so bad. I rested as much as I could and thankfully that did help a lot.  But of course that means that the house work is behind so tonight I am going to slowly start to play catch up.


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