4th of July weekend break in.

Over the 4th of July weekend we had a break in. Mind you I was not celebrating the holiday of a country where I have no rights to my own body. I was working that weekend however and of course had a bad bought of insomnia. So I didn’t go to bed July 2nd/3rd until like 4:00 am because it was finally cool enough in the house to actually get some good deep cleaning done.

My husband and cousin came home from an emergency at around 6:30 am July 3rd and discovered that there was a lot of tools and other items missing, and we checked the camera and of course saw the asshole that did it and it was someone that was there one other time with a sob story about needing resources to get back on his feet.

I keep county resources for times like these but by the time I grabbed breakfast from McDonald’s he was gone which was odd, and then a few weeks later over the 4th weekend he broke into our garage and used a shopping card that the previous neighbors left there to load up everything and take it to his car parked on the side street close to our house.

Here is where it gets interesting, THE NEXT DAY the 4th he came back admitted to what he’d done in front of witnesses and tried to claim that the tools he took were stolen from him to begin with and that he was taking back what was his. Except everything that was taken belonged to myself and my husband. We tried to call the state police because it happened over the weekend and of course that was useless.

So the constable stopped by and asked if we had seen this dude because people had told him that he was staying here. I said not only is he not allowed here but I have proof that he broke into our garage and stole from us. So he contacted the local police chief that I went to college with and he came right over and we itemized everything that we thankfully had gotten back because the car that was used to transport the stolen goods was parked in the low income housing and the owner of the car said that as long as the door is unlocked to take the stuff back because she didn’t want to be charged as an accessory. Smart.

A few weeks went by and we sent in everything that we had proof wise and a felony warrant was issued. And someone posted a Facebook post that this same guy was casing their property and was acting sketchy and they called the cops and after I saw the post I screen shot it and sent it to the constable and the guy was picked up the same day and is now in jail with zero chance of bail.

Thank god we had the camera’s we did. If you take anything from this get camera’s for your property. It might just save a lot of time and effort if something like this ever happens to you.

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