Starting over.

I’ve had this blog for a long time, but recently I went through a period where I didn’t know if I wanted to continue to blog. But I realized that I love blogging and I shouldn’t give up my hobbies just because I now work full time. 

I want to continue to share my story, my failures and successes. Because its all apart of life, recovery and parenting. I remember times when I felt alone and I wish I could find a hot mess mom that cusses and tries her very best. 

Because I’ve been through various types of hell that not many would understand. Just like I wouldn’t understand other people’s hell because I didn’t experience it. With that being said this is a judgement free zone. Love me or hate me I could care less.

Because I have found my people and I wouldn’t trade it for anything those that stood by my side cheering me on when I was almost dead and those that still stood by my side when I tried to overdose and had to get clean for myself and for my kids. 

I am a pro choice, pro cannabis, pro access to mental health Mama. I cuss and rock bare feet whenever I can. I listen to all kinds of music and can fit in just about anywhere. My home will always be the backwoods. Where I can have bon fires and be close to nature 


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